The Maulykeavane Rambler slide

Also known as Joe Sullivan’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Maulykeavane Rambler
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F2B A^GA F2B A^GA|Bcd e2d c2A {c}B2A|
F2B A^GA F2B A^GA|Bcd e2A B2c d3:|]
|:fff f2e d2c B2A|Bcd e2d c2A {c}B2A|
fff f2e d2c B2A|Bcd e2A B2c d3:|]
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Three comments

Joe Sullivan’s

The only reason to suggest the above title for this slide is that it was the middle one of three slides titled “Joe Sullivan’s” on The Raw Bar Collective’s Millhouse Measures CD (2011).
No other names or info about these tunes was on or in the CD, other than “a salvo of salacious slides”. Fair enough - great music, the main thing. See
This middle slide has been identified there as “Mulkeavane Rambler” but I can’t find any reference to any tune of that name anywhere else. Also there, a suggestion that it could be Mick Duggan’s, but it doesn’t look like either of the Mick Duggan’s slides on thesession. So, anyway here is a basic transcription from the above recording, and a suggested name - if it has another name, please amend.

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Re: The Maulykeavane Rambler

Hi Rover, The Maulykeavane Rambler is a reference to Johnny O’Leary the great box player, who was born in Maulykeavane. The slide is in his book #19. I’ve changed the title as you suggested. Joe Sullivan is an excellent flute player from near Killarney.

Re: The Maulykeavane Rambler

Many thanks, great name for a great musician! Sorry to say I had never heard of Maulykeavane, but it’s about halfway between Killarney and Ballydesmond, in the centre of Sliabh Luachra. Sure the Raw Bar would have given due composer’s credit there if they’d known the source.

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