Twenty-three recordings of Maloney’s Wife

Also known as Biddy Maloney’s, Malowney’s Wife, McCormack’s, The Milltown, Molloy’s Advice, Molloy’s Wife, Moloney’s Wife.

This tune has been recorded together with The Battering Ram (a few times), The Hag At The Churn (a few times), The Humours Of Ballingarry (a few times), Banish Misfortune, The Belles Of Liscarroll, The Blackthorn Stick, The Carraroe, Connie The Soldier, The Cuckoo, Davey’s, Eddie Moloney’s, Give Us A Drink Of Water, The High Level, Jackson’s Morning Brush, The Japanese, The Joys Of Wedlock, The Kilfenora, Lanigan’s Ball, Mist In The Morning, Old Man Dillon, The Queen Of The Rushes.

  1. Aengus by Aengus
  2. All You Need Is Láimh by Mick Hand & Eileen Hassett
  3. Angelina Carberry And Martin Quinn by Angelina Carberry And Martin Quinn
  4. Cooley’s House by Conor Keane
  5. Deborah Quigley with Martin Gould by Deborah Quigley
  6. Drops Of Brandy by Sean McAloon & John Rea
  7. Enriched - Saibhriú by Dympna O’Sullivan
  8. Flagstone Memories by Andrew Mac Namara, Orla Harrington And Jim Higgins
  9. Hidden Fermanagh Vol.2 by Various Artists
  10. Irish Dance Party by Michael Coleman And The McNulty Family
  11. Irish Traditional Music (played on Uilleann Pipes, Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Flute And Whistle) by Sean McAloon, Seamus Horan, Packie Duignan, John Rea, Sean Wynne & Robin Morton
  12. It Was Mighty : CD #2 by Various Artists
  13. Joe Cooley Tape 5 by Joe Cooley
  14. Master Musician, Disc 1 of 2 by Eddie Moloney
  15. Memories Of Hughie Gillespie by Frank Kelly
  16. Navvy On The Shore by Danny Meehan
  17. Over the Bog Road by Patsy Moloney & John Regan
  18. Retrospect by The Donoghue Brothers
  19. The Barley Grain by Larry Kinsella
  20. The Fisherman’s Island by Sean Gavin
  21. The Leitrim Equation by Various Artists
  22. The Master’s Choice by Martin McHugh
  23. The Music Of Kevin Keegan by Kevin Keegan