Three recordings of
Maloney’s Wife
The Battering Ram

Maloney’s Wife (jig) is also known as Biddy Maloney’s, Malowney’s Wife, McCormack’s, The Milltown, Molloy’s Advice, Molloy’s Wife, Moloney’s Wife.

The Battering Ram (jig) is also known as An Reithe Toghla.

Enriched - Saibhriú by Dympna O'Sullivan

  1. Humours Of Ballingarry
  2. Moloney’s Wife
  3. The Battering Ram

Retrospect by The Donoghue Brothers

  1. Carraroe
  2. The Battering Ram
  3. Moloney’s Wife

The Master's Choice by Martin McHugh

  1. The Battering Ram
  2. Maloney’s Wife