El Día De La Xibarte reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: El Día De La Xibarte
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F|:Bddc BAFG|ABcd ecAF|Bddc BAGA|B/c/dcB A3c|
Bddc BAFA|GBcd ecAF|Bddc BAGA|1 B/c/d ce d3 F:|2 B/c/d ce d3 B||
|:dBdB d3B|cdec d3d|fedc dBcB|AGFE F3B|
dBdB d3d|cdef d3d|fedc dcBA|1 GECE D3B:|2 GECE D3||
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El Día De La Xibarte

The day of the humpback whale

Composed by the late Elías García of Llan de Cubel. Musician extraordinaire.
Transcribed from their latest album "La lluz encesa"

From the sleeve notes:
This tune is a "xiringüelu" (another name for an Asturian reel) dedicated to those rare days when not one but two truly amazing things happen.

They play in in Eb, I’ve transposed it to D. First tune of the 4th track.


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Re: El Día De La Xibarte

Where is Asturias ie what part of Spain? Good fun, but it takes quite a while to play with the repeats (for me as a not very good fiddler…)

Re: El Día De La Xibarte

In memory of Elias Garcia who has passed away recently. The Asturian folk music has lost one of their best musicians and a good man.

Re: El Día De La Xibarte

Muy grande Elías. Great musician and definitely a good man. Good man indeed.

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