Mush, Mush waltz

Also known as The Quiet Man.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mush, Mush
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D- D|:G2 G2 G2|G2 A3 G|F2 D4|-D4 (3DDD|c2 c3 c|
c2 d3 A|B6|-B4Bc|d2 d2 d2|c2 B2 A2|
G2 E4|c4 c2|B2 c2 B2|A2 E2 F2|G6|- G4 DD:|
G2 G2 G2|G2 A2 G2|F2 D4|-D4 D2|c2 c2 c2|
c2 d2 A2|B6|-B4 Bc|d2 d2 d2|c2 B2 A2|
G2 E4|c6|B2 c2 B2|A2 E2 F2|G6||

Five comments

Mush, Mush

This is an Irish song - maybe tune has another name? -

1st verse - words

"Oh, twas there I larned radin’ and writin’
At Billy Brackett’s where I wint to school,
And twas there I larned howlin’ an’ fightin’,
Wid me schoolmaster, Misther O’Toole"

Chorus : Mush, mush, mush, tu- ral i- ad -dy! etc etc

Got from 1891 edition of Scottish Students’ Songbook

Re: Mush, Mush

I seem to recall this one being in The Quiet Man.

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Re: Mush, Mush

Tune easy - and words to the song are good fun!

Re: Mush, Mush

Very enjoyable Irish tune and song.

Re: Mush, Mush

Not about mushy snow, been lots of that this hard winter - a jolly Irish song