Alexander Mackillop Levack march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Alexander Mackillop Levack
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G>A||B2 d>e|d>B A/B>|AG> AB>|A2>D (3EGA|
B2 d>e|d>G (3ABd|(e2 e2|e)>e d>e|
g>d e/g>|e4 g>e|d2 B/G>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|d2>G A/B>|A2/(G> G4|G>)D G/A>|
B4 d>e|(d2 d)>e|(3AGG (3GAB|A>D (3EGA|
B2 d>e|d>G (3ABd|(e2 e2|e>)e d>e|
g>d e/g>|e4 g>e|d2 B/G>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|d3G/ A/B>|A(G> G4|G)B (3def||
g3 a|e2 g>e|d2 B/G>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|e3d/ B/e>|e(d> d4|d2) (3def|
g3 a|e2 g>e|d>B A/G>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|d3e/ B>d|A/(G> G4)|(3GAB (3def|
g3 a|e2 g>e|d2 B/G>|B4 (3def|
g3 a|e/d> Be>|e(d> d3)g/|(3edB (3AGD|
E/G> G3A/|B>A (3Bcd|e/G> dG>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|d3G/ A/B>|A(G> G4|G>)d B>A||
(3DEG G>A|B>A B/d>|(3e2GG (3dGG|B>d e>f|
g>G B/d>|e3g/ e/d>|(d4 d>)g|(3edB (3AGD|
E/G> G3A/|B>A (3Bcd|(3eGG (3dGG|B2 (3def|
g2 e/d>|d3E/ A>B|A/(G> G4)|(3ABd (3BAG|
(3DEG G>A|B>A B/d>|eG> dG>|B4 (3def|
g>G B/d>|e3g/ e/d>|(d4 d>)a|g>e (3dBA|
(3DEG G>A|B>A (3Bcd|e/G> dG>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|d3G/ A/B>|A(G> G4|G>)B (3def||
g3 a|e/(d> d3)e/|B/G> Bd>|e3B/ (3def|
g>d e/g>|e3d/ B/e>|e(d> d2)e/g/|(a2 a>)b|
(3agg g>a|e/(d> d4)|B/G> Bd>|e3B/ (3def|
g>d e/g>|d3G/ A/B>|A(G> G4|G>)B (3def|
g3 a|e/(d> d4)|B/G> Bd>|e3B/ (3def|
g>d e/g>|(e4 e>)g|e/(d> d3)g/|(3edB (3AGD|
E/G> G3A/|B>A (3Bcd|e/G> dG>|B4 (3def|
g>d e/g>|ed> B4|A/(G> G4|G2 G2)||

Three comments

Alexander Mackillop Levack

This is a 2/4 march in the Scottish style. I wasn’t sure how to over-ride the default note length in the March type from 1/4 to 1/8, so apologies for the polka designation, it’s not accurate.

A tune written by Donald Mackillop for his grandson, Ali M Levack. Played by Ali on a Alto F whistle as the first tune on the single, Struan’s from Project Smok, making the G tune noted above in Bb on the recording. This tune is a delight to play and a labour of love to transcribe: four parts, where each part has variations on the repeat at the half part. Ali plays it once through, which got me wondering if it was a two part tune, developed with variations and played twice through. Well worth the effort to learn. Many thanks to Ali and Project Smok for this gem of a recording. The guitar backing from Pablo Lafuente is very fine.

Re: Alexander Mackillop Levack

Great work transcribing the tune! Thank you Alex ;)

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Re: Alexander Mackillop Levack

Thanks Valbu, you’re welcome. And thanks too to Jeremy, I’m picking, for correcting the tune type to March. I’m enjoying the mix of quaver triplets sprinkled throughout this tune with the usual dot and cut rhythm.