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Land’s End (Tim O’Brien)

This tune is from Tim O’Brien’s (Grammy award winning) record Fiddler’s Green.
Tim O’Brien is a bluegrass/roots musician from America, but he presumably has Irish ancestry
and plays a lot of Irish music, or, at least, “celtic-bluegrass fusion”.
That might sound like something to be avoided, but this tune of his is a pretty nice hop jig.

On the record, Tim is joined by Seamus Egan and John Doyle.
They sometimes play the second part an octave lower. The third part is
mostly used as a vehicle for bluegrass style improvisation. I got the basic melody of the
third part from Joe K Walsh’s online mandolin course (The Advancing Mandolinist, on Peghead Nation).
Joe writes the whole tune in 3/4 rather than 9/8 (but we don’t get that option here for hop jigs,
and I think 9/8 suits the music anyway.) The third part is played down an octave, but I wrote up an octave
to suit flutes and pipes (except for the last two bars, where I put it in the lower octave since that makes
a better transition back to the first part.)

I play it like this on both mandolin and concertina. Fiddlers can play the second and third parts down
an octave or double with the other fiddles. I think this tune goes well with hop jigs like The Dusty Miller.

You can listen to O’Brien & Egan & Doyle here:

Re: Land’s End (Tim O’Brien)

P.S. There is another slip jig named Land’s End, composed by Micheal Rooney, that is already
here . So that’s why I added (Tim O’Brien) to the title.