Patty Ann march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Patty Ann
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2 | G4 GA Bc | d4 de f2 | g2 ga gf e2 | d2 B2 Bc d2 |
e4 gf e2 | d2 Bc dc B2 | A4 FG A2 | D4 DE F2 | G4 GA Bc |
d4 de f2 | g2 ga gf e2 | d2 B2 Bc d2 | e4 gf e2 | de dB dB A2 |
G8 | -G2 d2 e2 f2 | g4 e3 f | g4 ef ga | f3 f fe de |
f4 de f2 | g4 gf e2 | d2 Bc de dB| A8 | -A2 d2 e2 f2 |
g4 e3 f | g4 ef ga | f3 f fe de | f4 de f2 | g4 gf e2 |
de dB dB A2 | G8 | -G6 z2 |
D2 | G4 G4 | F4 d2 c2 | B4 B2 c2 | B2 G2 G2 B2 |
c4 ed c2 | B2 GA BA G2 | F4 DE F2 | D4 D2 C2 | B,4 G2 E2 |
F4 FG A2 | B4 B2 c2 | B2 G2 G2 B2 | c4 ed c2 | B2 G2 FE DC |
B,4 A,2 C2 | B,2 z2 d2 c2 | B4 G3 A | B4 G2 B2 | d4 d2 B2 |
d4 Bc d2 | e4 ed c2 | B2 GA BA G2 | F4 GF E2 | F4 G2 A2 |
B4 G3 A | B4 G2 B2 | d4 dc Bc | d4 Bc d2 | e4 e2 c2 |
Bc BG F2 D2 | B,4 CB, A,2 | B,6 z2 |
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Patty Ann

Patty Ann has been composed by a modern musician, Ron Wall (an autoharp player), though I first learned it when playing with a northwestern American branch of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers (Alasdair Fraser), who have played mostly Scottish tunes, but some Irish, some Welsh (which was the specialty of the autoharp player who introduced this tune to us), and some Quebecois. With all of those types, it wasn’t a surprise that this beautiful melody would fit in, as an offshoot of some of those styles.

I haven’t seen any sheet music representing Patty Ann online, so the melody and the harmony were hand-sketched by two fellow musicians: the melody by Chris Sheeran, and the harmony by Steve Riggan (both of whom are masters of many instruments). I input the ABC which is an exact representation of each of those two versions, so I was excited to hear them in harmony again, as it was when the fiddlers played them when we had a session.

Patty Ann is technically 4/4 time, but it is played as slow as a waltz would be, so I keep the beat of a march (or a slower ganglot: just a walk) in mind when playing this.

I believe that it was originally designed for the autoharp, and so there is some flavor that just cannot be carried over into the hammered dulcimer, but there are also some unique sounds of the hammered dulcimer that no other instrument could replicate, so it’s a good compromise. On all of the recordings that I heard, if the hammered dulcimer was included, it wasn’t a melody instrument, but was playing backup, so I didn’t have a good model to follow for someone else’s technique.

There are certain patterns of stairs, going up and down with mostly adjacent notes, so this tune could be a good exercise in playing that style.

Regarding playing it in a set versus solo, this is the kind of tune which I would consider ideal to play all by itself.

Here is the video on the hammered dulcimer:

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Re: Patty Ann

Patty Ann (named for Ron Wall’s mother by the way) has been immensely popular in the autoharp community. Ron is one of the top autoharp players around and it’s nice to know it is making headway outside that narrow focus area.

Our band, Doofus, has been playing the tune for a number of years. We made this video back in 2011.