Annie’s waltz

By Bruce MacGregor

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One setting

X: 1
T: Annie's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
(3CEA|:"A"c2E2 (3EAc|"E"B4 A>G|"F#m"A2C2 F>A|"C#m"G4 F>E|
"D"F2A2d2|"A"c3B2A|"Bm"B2F2B>A|"E"G>F E>D C>B,|
"A"A,2E2A>c|"E"B4A>G|"Fm"A2C2F>A|"C#m"G4 F>E|"D"F2A2d2|
"A"c2E2 "E"G>B|"A"A4 A>B|1 "A"A3 E (3EAB:|2 "A"A3 E (3Ace||
"A"a2A>c e>a|"C#m"g3 g f>e|"D"f2 F>A d>f|"A"e4 d>c|
"D"f3 e d>f|"A/C#m"e2d2c2|"Bm"B2 F2 B>A|"E"G>B e>f g>e|
"F#m"a2A>c e>a|"C#m"g3 g f>e|"D"f2g2g>a|"A"a3g f>e|
"A"e3 E (3EAc|"E"B4 A>G|"A/C#"A4 "Bm"A>B´|"A"A3 E (3Ace|
"A"a2A>c e>a|"C#m"g3 g f>e|"D"f2 F>A d>f|"A"e4 d>c|
"D"f3 e d>f|"A/C#"e2d2c2|"B7"B2 F2 B>A|"E7"G>F E>D C>B,|
"A"A,2E2A>c|"E"B4A>G|"F#m"A2C2F>A|"C#m"G4 F>E|"D"F2A2 d2|"A"c2E2G>B|"A"A4 A>B|A4||
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Annie’s Waltz By Bruce MacGregor

I heard this lovely waltz played of a fantastic musician Joanne O’Connor
and her two children, in a common Facebook group. Joanne provided me
the sheet music, and then I made it into ABC notation.

Bruce MacGregor from Blazin’ Fiddles composed this tune and wrote on the sheet:

"This waltz ‘came out of the blue’ and I was delighted on two counts.
Firstly, I came together in one sitting which is unusual for me, and secondly,
I had just been asked to write a tune for a lady celebrating her 80’th birthday.
This seemed highly appropriate. She actually came along to our gig in
Sterling later that summer with her whole family to hear it"

I wrote his name in the title because there is another waltz by the same name here.
Listen to the tune here:

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Re: Annie’s

Lovely. Reminds me of a Jay Unger and Molly Mason tune. Lovely to play. Thank you.