Six Feet Away Or Six Feet Under jig

By Ryan Farris

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One setting

X: 1
T: Six Feet Away Or Six Feet Under
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
D|:EGG GAe|dBG Bcd|eaa abg|fge dec|
B3 EGG|GAB cde|age edB|1 BAG A2D:|2 BAG Ace||
|:a3 egg|gfe d3|cBA BEE|EGG Ace|
a3 egg|gfe d2d|^cde dBG|1 BAG A=ce:|2 BAG A2B||
|:=cAA AGE|EFG F3|DEE EGB|dcB dcB|
cAA Ace|1 dBG A2B:|2 dBG Ace||
|:a3 bgg|baa bge|efg f3|def ece|
a3 bgg|baa age|ed^c dBG|1 BAG A=ce:|2 BAG A3||

One comment

Six Feet Away Or Six Feet Under

Most of us have had a lot of spare time on our hands recently. I used some of it today to compose a new jig! There are of course many people who do not have much spare time right now, namely health-care workers and those others working on the front lines of our global health crisis. The title of this jig (inspired from a quote in a newspaper article I read, unfortunately can’t remember where exactly) is some advice to all of us to help keep everyone healthy and safe!

4-part jig (six-notes per measure), and no, the C part is not a mistake! It has only six measures instead of the usual eight.

I’m aware of the guidelines about posting original tunes. I have posted a lot of traditional tunes lately and will continue to do so! If you are still annoyed by it than I do sincerely apologize. Given the fact that we’re all locked up in our homes lately, I think we could all use some new music in our lives! I’ve really enjoyed seeing what other members have come up with myself, as well as many older tunes which have found new relevance during this time!

Slainte! -Ryan F.