The New Demesne reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The New Demesne
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
||D2 ~D2 AD FD|Ad de fd AF|D2 ~D2 AD FD|(3Bcd AF GF EF|D2 ~D2 AD FD|Ad de fd AF|DE FG AG AB|cA GE D4||
||:fe dc Ad df|ed cd ef ge|fe dc Ad df|ea ag ed dg|
(3fgf dg (3fgf df|(3ege cg (3ege cg|df eg (3fga gb|afgefd d2:||
||:fg ag fd d2|ef gf e=c ~c2|1 fg ag fd dB|=cA GE ED D2:|2 df eg (3fga gb|af ge fd d2:||
||:(3fgf dg (3fgf df|(3ege cf (3ege cg|(3fgf dg (3fgf dg|ea ag ed dg|
(3fgf df df df|(3ege ce ce ce|df eg (3fga gb|af ge fd d2:||

Three comments

The New Demesne

The New Demesne is often confused with the related tune The College Groves, but is a distinctly different setting. The second part, in particular is entirely different.
I first heard the New Demesne from Eugene Lambe many years ago, and have always wanted to research the difference between the two tunes. I searched and found that there is a gramophone recording of Liam Walsh playing the tune which is in the internet achive:
Despite the many skips in the recording, I was able to transcribe it accurately, I believe. Eugene tells me that it was transcribed in an early issue of "An Piobaire" as well.

Re: The New Demesne

I believe "The New Demesne" goes back quite a way in the form of "Miss Corbett’s Reel" which was published in John MacGlashan’s Collection (Edinburgh 1798), and subsequently appears in The Gesto Collection (Skye 1895) and Ryan’s Mammoth Collection (Boston 1883).

In O’Neill’s Dance Music of Ireland (Chicago 1907) it appears as "The New Demesne" just above the four-part tune "The College Grove". They are extremely similar; in fact your setting above, Bill, is closer to "The College Grove" as printed in O’Neill. The second part of your setting matches it almost exactly.

Hats off to you for transcribing Liam Walsh’s setting. May I respectfully offer some advice? Let the notation breathe; on the you can format the notation by inserting line breaks where you wish the lines to end. It makes for more attractive and readable notation.

Re: The New Demesne

Thanks, Nigel.
I edited the notation so that it look a bit more readable.

I was chatting with Emmett Gill about this tune, and he said that "The New Demesne" is an older version that fell out of favor around the 1920s or so. Thanks for the other references. Emmett couldn’t find the transcription in "An Piobaire" that Eugene mentioned, so I guess mine will have to do. Seamus Ennis recorded a version which is yet slightly different.