One recording of
Athol Brose
Duncan On The Plainstones

Athol Brose (strathspey) is also known as The Athol Brose, Athole Brose, Atholl Brose, Buckingham House, Neil Gow’s Favorite, Neil Gow’s Favourite, Niel Gow’s Favorite, Niel Gow’s Favourite.

Duncan On The Plainstones (reel) is also known as Duncan In The Plainstones, Duncan On The Plainstanes, Duncan On The Plainstone, Robert Hannigan’s.

Good Boy M.A. by Michael Anthony MacLean

  1. O’er The Muir Among The Heather
  2. Miss Gordon Fochaber
  3. Athole Brose
  4. General Stewart
  5. Duncan On The Plainstone