One recording of
Athol Brose
Donald’s Rant

Athol Brose (strathspey) is also known as The Athol Brose, Athole Brose, Atholl Brose, Buckingham House, Neil Gow’s Favorite, Neil Gow’s Favourite, Niel Gow’s Favorite, Niel Gow’s Favourite.

Donald’s Rant (reel) is also known as Donald MacGugan’s Rant.

Cape Breton Violin by Willie Kennedy

  1. Inganess
  2. Traditional From Duncan MacQuarrie
  3. Traditional From Dan J. Campbell
  4. A Mabou
  5. Athole Brose
  6. General Stewart
  7. Gillis’ Favourite
  8. Francis Beaton’s
  9. Donald MacGugan’s Rant
  10. Jenny Nettle’s Fancy
  11. Jenny Dang The Weaver
  12. Sir David Davidson Of Cantray