One recording of a tune named
Athol Brose
With a tune named
Carnie’s Canter

Athol Brose (strathspey) is also known as The Athol Brose, Athole Brose, Atholl Brose, Buckingham House, Neil Gow’s Favorite, Neil Gow’s Favourite, Niel Gow’s Favorite, Niel Gow’s Favourite.

Carnie’s Canter (reel) is also known as Carney’s Canter, Carnie Canter’s, Carnie’s Cantor, Carnies Canter, Carnies’ Center.

The Journey Home by Paul Anderson

  1. Colonel MacBain
  2. Athol Brose
  3. Paula King’s
  4. Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
  5. Carnie’s Canter