Waltz An Chleamhnais waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Waltz An Chleamhnais
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fe|d3 f ed|(3BdB A3 F|(A6|A4)fe|d3 f ed|(3BdB A3 F|(E6|E4) DE
F3 E ED|EF Ad cA|(B6|B4) AB|d3 B BA|FA Bd AF|(E6|E4) fe
d3 f ed|(3BdB A3 F|(A6|A3)d fe|d3 f ed|(3BdB A3 F|(E6|E4) DE
F3 E ED|EF BA de|f3 A ed|B3 d dc|(3BdB A3 B|d F D|(E6|E4)
FG|A3 F ED|(3BdB A3 F|(A6|A4) FG|A3 F ED|(3BdB A3 F|E4 FG
A3 F ED|ef ,ae ed|B6|d3 e dc|(3BdB A3 F|(3EFE D2 DB,|(D6|D4):|

Four comments

Waltz An Chleamhnais

This is a tune composed by Johnny Óg Connolly and found on his album Siar (2016). There’s also a couple of live videos on Youtube of Johnny playing this beautiful waltz. This is just the bare bones— he creates a lot of fantastic variations with it as he goes through the tune. The album liner notes say, "I composed this waltz especially for my sister Mary Ellen and her husband Patrick as a first dance at their wedding in 2014. It is in the style of an old-time waltz, a dance which has always been very popular at weddings in Conamara. I have played it many times since and it’s becoming quite popular in its own right."

Re: Waltz An Chleamhnais

This setting doesn’t flow properly: there are some bars with the wrong number of beats. Maybe all the dotted minims at the ends of phrases need to be held over into the following bar. (E.g., the first dotted minim needs to be tied to a minim in the next bar before the two lead-in notes begin the following phrase).

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Re: Waltz An Chleamhnais

Thanks, Bazza! I think I got it now.