The Mystics’ Slip Jigs slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mystics' Slip Jigs
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c2 B B2 A F2 c|B2 A F2 E A3-|A2 c B2 A F2 E|A2 F E2 C B,3|
B2 c B2 A F2 c|B2 A F2 E A3-|A2 F B2 A F2 E|A2 F E2 C B,3:|
C2 F F2 C F2 c|B2 A F2 C E2 F|C2 F F2 C F2 c|B2 A F2 C E3|
C2 F F2 C F2 c|1 B2 A B2 c e2 f|a2 f e2 c f2 e|c2 B A2 F 3.E.C.B, ]:|
[2 B2 A B2 c 3efa|b2 a f2 e 3.c.f.e|c2 B A2 F 3.E.C.B, ]||

Two comments

The Mystics’ Slip Jigs

By Máire Breatnach on her Angels Candles recording. Really a Hop Jig with 3 firm beats/bar rather than a Slip Jig. About 130 bpm. Key is F# minor (A major key signature). This is the basic tune which she varies on repetition. The quarter-eighth pattern has a surging feel, not like a hornpipe, all its own.

Re: The Mystics’ Slip Jigs

Interesting pentatonic tune! Thanks for posting it, Steve!

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