Angels Candles waltz

By Máire Breatnach

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One setting

X: 1
T: Angels Candles
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
~E>^D|B,3 A, B,F|G4 ~FE|F2 ~B2 A>F|D4 FA|B2 e3 f|d2 F3 E|
F2 ^c3 d|B4 FA|B2 ed ef|ed F3 E|FA ^cd BA|B2 e3 d|
c2 BA dc|B>G E3 D|GA B3 c|A4- A G/A/|B3 A dc|BG E2 ED|
B,3 A, B,E|HE4 Bd||e2 g2 fd|B>^c d3 e|F2 AF ~ED|D4 FA|
d2 ~f2 e^c|d>B AF AB|de fHa- af|Ha4 fga|g4 ~gf|
g4 ag|fd AF Ac|B4 A>B/^c/|d2 ~BA FE|D3 E FA|B2 E2 ED|HE4 FA|
d2 BA FE|[M:4/4] 3DFA Hf4 ed|[M:3/4] ~B2 A>F d>F|HE6||

One comment

Angels Candles

The title track by Máire Breatnach on her first solo recording (1993). This is a waltz air with loose tempo.
“ ‘Angels Candles’ are the stars in our sky, a series of points of light in a long journey.”