Fand waltz

By Máire Breatnach

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fand
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
D3 E FG|A4 A2|G3 A FA,|C6|DA, DE FG|A4 d2|d3 e =Bc|A4 A2|
f3 d cA|d4 d2|~c3 A F2|G4 FG|A4 B2|G3 A ~FE|D2 ~DC A,=B,|
C4 FG|A2 c2 B2|G4 ~ AG|F3 A, CD|D6-|D4 A2||f2 e3 d|d2 A2 c2|
B3 A G2|A3 A de|ef- fe d2|d2 A3 c|c3 A F2|G4 ^FG|A2 d2 f2|a4 g2|
g3 f dA|c4 ef|d2 A3 c|B3 A G2|A4 FD|E4 FG|A2 d3 f|a3 g f2|A3 A cd|d6||

One comment


By Máire Breatnach on Celtic Lovers (1997). A waltz air, reflective and melancholy, evoking the wife of the Celtic sea-god. Original in G minor played on viola and fiddle. Here transposed to D minor to fit first position on fiddle.