Two recordings of
Little Donald In The Pigsty
Yetts O’ Muckhart

Little Donald In The Pigsty (reel) is also known as Donald In The Pigpen, Little Donald In The Pigpen.

Yetts O’ Muckhart (reel) is also known as Yetts O’ Muchart, The Yetts O’ Muchart, The Yetts O’ Muckhart, Yetts O’Muchart, Yetts Of Muchart, The Yetts Of Muchart, Yetts Of Muckart, The Yetts Of Muckart, Yetts Of Muckhart, The Yetts Of Muckhart.

Off the Floor by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. John Campbell’s
  2. Little Donald In The Pig Pen
  3. Buddy’s
  4. Old King’s
  5. Mary’s Fancy
  6. The St. Kilda Wedding
  7. Yetts O’ Muckart
  8. The Mountains Of Mourne
  9. Pirriwig
  10. Highland Plaid

Sparkjoy by Rachel Reeds

  1. Captain Carswell
  2. Cawdor Fair
  3. Ca’ The Stirks Frae Out The Corn
  4. Angus Ronald’s Big Tune
  5. The Yetts Of Muckart
  6. The Black Horse
  7. Little Donald In The Pigpen
  8. Mrs Margaret MacDonald’s Delight