The Exile’s Return hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Exile's Return
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AA|FAfA FAfA|GAeA FAfa|(3gbg (3faf (3ege (3dfd|(3cec (3BcB (3AcA (3GBG|
FAfA (3FAd fA|GAeA FAfa|(3gbg (3faf (3ege (3dfd|1 (3cBA Bc d2:|(3cBA Bc dF FF|:
fg ef df cd|BF Bd fd Bd|(3c^AF ^Ac fe dc|BF Bd fd Bg|
fg ef df cd|BF Bd fd Bd|cF ^Ac fe dc|1 BF dc B2 ag:|BF dc B2|

Four comments

Re: The Exile’s Return

This was recorded by George Ross on one of his HMV 78s in the 1950s. He played it in C as I recall and paired it with another hornpipe (incorrectly titled Dick Sand’s - it’s a bit of a mystery tune perhaps someone could shed some light on what it is….the first part has some similarities to St. Anne’s reel - it was recorded by buttons and bows ) I’m working on accurate ABC’s of George Ross’s versions of lots of tunes as part of a tune collection project here in Wexford.

Re: The Exile’s Return

As you probably know, this tune has been published as "The Concert Hornpipe" or "Coutt’s Concert Hornpipe" (e.g. Kerr’s Merry Melodies c1870s, Luke O’Malley’s Collection 1976). The George Ross project sounds very interesting - do let us know when it’s finished.

Re: The Exile’s Return

Yes I certainly will. The project is rather a big proposition, it started with gathering unpublished local compositions (including one reel by George and tunes by some of George’s contemporaries like Tom Byrne and Liam Gaul among others) and has grown and grown as the amount of material, local settings etc started to emerge from old reel to reel and cassettes etc. So far there are about 40 compositions by Wexford district musicians, along with some fairly rare tunes from a hand written manuscript dating from the 1870s that turned up in the thatched roof of a house in Kilmore in South Wexford. Then expanded to try to accurately notate Georgie’s (as he’s known here) settings from his HMV recordings and Comhaltas recordings, and Tom Ferris’s vast repetoire (Tom won the All-Ireland accordion in the 1960s.