The Yellow Flowers reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Yellow Flowers
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FBdf e2dc|de2c AEGA|FBdf e2dc|da2g gffd|
FBdf e2dc|de2c AEGA|F2fg e2dc|da2g gffd|
c3d/e/ d2(B2|B)dBA GAdA|efg f2 cag|deed cA|
c3c dc(B2|B)dBA GAdA|efg f2 cag|deed cA|

Seven comments

Re: The Yellow Flowers

I’ve never heard it called anything but “Brosnan’s”,
which is what it is named on John Brosnan’s record
(unless someone has edited the title of that track).

So I wonder where the name “The Yellow Flowers” came from?

Re: The Yellow Flowers

Damien Rogeau who posted this couldn’t have looked at the full “Youtube” titles.
If you look at the whole introduction, it has :
"The Yellow Flower’s reels
( J.Brownan’s / The Road to Lizelec’h - E.Menguy / Amazing Race - E. Menguy)
“J. Brownan’s” = J. Brosnan’s - would be a reasonable supposition.
If you look at the track listings posted here for the CD, track #10 is as follows :

The Yellow Flowers
The Green Fields Of Pont Cariou
J. Brosnan’s
The Road To Lizelec’h
Amazing Race

Note the title of the 3rd tune. They’ve changed the order of the tunes on the Youtube clip, and mangled up John Brosnan’s name in the process.
You would need someone with the CD to confirm that “The Yellow Flowers” is a different tune altogether.

Re: The Yellow Flowers

Well, that is really confusing!
But thank you for the informations, I’ll try to edit the tracklist if I manage to get the real names and order of the tunes.

Re: The Yellow Flowers


Alright, I think everything is fixed now :

[X1] is now the real “The Yellow Flowers” slow reel (wich is the first tune of the video in my previous comment), I believe the composer is Erwan Menguy but I can not be sure of that.

I moved the setting of John Brosnan’s reel here