Forty recordings of a tune named
Loch Gamhna

Also known as Biddy Mickey’s, The Castle Of Tuamgraine, The Humours Of Tuaimgreine, The Humours Of Tuamgraney, The Humours Of Tuamgreany, Julia Clifford’s, Loch Laven Castle, Loch Leven Castle, Lochleven Castle, Lough Gowna, The Shagging Of Rafferty’s Coat, Silver Street Lasses, Tom Greany’s Castle, Tomgraney Castle, Toomgraney Castle, Tuamgrainey Castle, Tuamgrainy Castle, Tuamgraney, Tuamgraney Castle, Tuamigrainey Castle.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Cronin’s (a few times), The Little Stack Of Wheat (a few times), McMahon’s (a few times), Miss Lyall (a few times), After The Battle Of Aughrim, Alex MacEachern, Annie’s Favourite, The Athol Highlander’s March To Loch Katrine, The Belfast, Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine, The Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord, The Braes Of Busby, Braigh Loch Iall, The Broken Pledge, Ca The Stirks Frae Oot The Corn, Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire, Carolan’s Receipt, The Centenary, The Drummer, The Drunken Sailor’s, Dunphy’s, The Fair-haired Lass, The Fairy Dance, The Floating Crowbar, Glenlivet, The Goat Island Ceilidh Band, The Harvest Home, Harvey’s, The Home Ruler, The Irish Rover, Kitty’s Wedding, The Leitrim Fancy, Lucy Campbell, Mary MacDonald’s, The Mason’s Apron, The Morning Star, The Mountains Of Mourne, Murphy’s, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, Peter Wyper’s, The Peterswell, Poll Ha’Penny, Reel For Carl, The Rights Of Man, Spellan The Fiddler, The Stack Of Pancakes, The Standing Abbey, The Star Of Munster, The Star, The Straw Man, The Tarbolton, The Tenpenny Bit, The Thames.

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