Courting Is A Pleasure slide

Also known as Farewell Ballymoney, Going To Mass Last Sunday.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Courting Is A Pleasure
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
G2F2|E2E EDE F2E FAF|B3- B2c d2B e2d|B3 A2F ~E3 ED[B,B]|D6 zBB AFD|
~E3 EFA F2E FAF|B3- B2c d3 fed|B2d A2F FGG EDF|E3-E2F EFG ABd|
e3 E3 G3 B2G|e3 fed- df2- fed|B3 A2F ~E3 ED[B,B]|D6 zBd A/F/D|
~E3 EFA F2E FAF|B3- B2c d2f e2d|B3 A2F ~G3 EDF|E8|

Six comments

Courting Is A Pleasure

This is the song/tune that Jarlath Henderson sings/plays on the low whistle (Eb).

What he says about it:
“A story of false love, alcohol, gambling and emigration that I attribute to Armagh singer Roisin White. A version was also noted under the title ‘Farewell Ballymoney’ in Sam Henry’s Songs of the People. Sam’s collection of songs is considered invaluable in the North of Ireland, the place where I was born and raised. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to begin this album than with a gem from this fine collection.”

Jarlath Henderson:

Re: Courting Is A Pleasure

Lyrics (Jarlath Henderson’s):

Courting is a pleasure
Between my love and I
And it’s down in yonder valley
I will meet her by and by

It’s down in yonder valley
She is my heart’s delight
And it’s with you lovely Molly
I will stay till the broad daylight

Going to church on Sunday
My love she passed me by
And I knew her mind was altered
By the roving of her eye

I knew her mind was altered
By a lad of high degree
Oh Molly, lovely Molly
Your looks have wounded me

I then took out a bottle
And I held it in my hand
Saying: “Here’s the glass, dear Molly”
For our courtship is at an end

So raise your glass deer Molly
Drink the bottle dry for me
For there are ten guineas wager
That married we’ll ne’er be

O Never court are wee girl
With a dark and a roving eye
Just kiss her and embrace her
Never tell her the reason why

Just kiss her and embrace her
Till you cause her heart to yield
For a faint-hearted soldier
Never gain the battlefield

O Farewell, Ballymonie
and the County Antrim too
Likewise farewell dear Molly
I will bid you a fond adieu

Amerikay lies far away
Across the ocean blue
And I’m bound for there, dear Molly
And again I will ne’er see you