The Lady Of Ardross barndance

By Stuart Eaglesham

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Lady Of Ardross
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
(3GAB|c6c2|e4 d2c2|c2dc B2A2|G4 (3G2A2B2|c6c2|g4 f2e2|A8|B3 A B d3|
c6c2|e4 d2c2|c2dc B2A2|G4 G3F|E2G2 A2G2|Gc3 c2B2|1 c8-|c4:|
[2c8-|c4 g2f2||ec3 c2e2|f3e cG3|c2c2 -c2B2|G4 g3f|
ec3 a2g2|c'3a ge3|g8-|g4 g3f|ec3 c2e2|f3e cG3|
c2c2 -c2B2|G4 -G2F2|E2G2 AG3|Gc3 c2B2|c8-|c4 g3f||
ec3 c2e2|f3e cG3|c2c2 -c2B2|G4 g3f|ec3 a2g2|c'3a ge3|d8-|d4 G2AB|
c6c2|e4 d2c2|c2dc B2G2|F4 E2F2|G3F G2A2|Gc3 c2B2|c4 -c2-c2-|c6||

Two comments

The Lady Of Ardross

A beautiful slow air from the Redpoint solo album by Wolfstone fiddler Duncan Chisholm. Not sure if Duncan himself wrote it or if it should be credited to someone else? If anyone knows then please comment.

Re: The Lady Of Ardross

Duncan says it was written by one his bandmates in Wolfstone, Stuart Eaglesham. Duncan played it as his tune of the day on 7th June: he says that on a website called Furness Tradition.
There are at least 2 Ardrosses in Scotland, one in Fife and the other about 30 miles N of Inverness: I would guess it would be the latter.
(I also found the tune on Folktune Finder where it was listed as English and trad!!)