The Skye Glen waltz

Also known as Bhalsa Gleann Nan Sgitheanach.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Skye Glen
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G>B|"G"d3 B d>e|"G7" d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 e>c|"G"d6|
"Bm"d3 B d>e|"Em"d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 E>C|"D"D4 G>B|
"G"d3 B d>e|"G7"d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 e>c|"G"d4 d2|
"C"g3 c d>e|"G"d>GG2 A>B|"D"A3 B/A/ G>A|"G"G6|G4:|
|:B>d|"C"g3 c d>e|"G"d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 e>c|"G"d6|
"C"g3 c d>e|"G"d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 g>B|"D"A4 G>B|
"G"d3 B d>e|"G7"d>GG2 A>B|"C"A>GG2 e>c|"G"d6|
"C"g3 c d>e|"G"d>GG2 A>B|"D"A3 B/A/ G>A|"G"G6|G4:|

One comment

The Skye Glen Waltz

Composed by Blair Douglas, from his album A Summer in Skye.

The extra bar at the end of each part is intentional.