Ciaran’s reel

Also known as Kieran’s, The Recent.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ciaran's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
EG|:AF ~F2 DFAd|BG ~G2 GBdg|fd ~d2 {e}dc AB|{d}cAAG EFGB|
AF ~F2 DFAd|~B2 GA BcdB|AF ~F2 GECD|1 EA,CE D3B:|2 EA,CE D3E||
AF ~F2 DFAd|~B2 GA BcdB|AF ~F2 GECD|1 EA,CE D3E:|2 EA,CE D3e||
|:fd ~d2 BdAG|FAde {a}fdef|{a}geed (3ege ed|cA (3AAA (3Bcd eg|
fa ~a2 gabg|dBGA BcdB|AF ~F2 GECD|1 EA,CE D3e:|2 EA,CE D4||

Five comments

George Peoples’ (reel)

Yet another tune I came across at the Scoil

Re: George Peoples’

This tune is attributed to County Donegal fiddler Séamus Gibson on the album The Smoky Chimney.

Re: Ciaran’s

I think the name “George Peoples’” actually refers to another Gibson tune in Ddor rather than this one.

Re: First piece here

Regarding the opening air, it would be a Jerry Holland composition, found in his second book of tunes, For My Mother Dear. (Cranford Publications)