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One setting

X: 1
T: Pretty Little Dog
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:eg|a2e2 g2ag|edcB A2G2|A2 (3AAA c2d2|e4 e2eg|
a2e2 g2ag|edcB A2G2|A2 (3ABc BAG2|A4 A2:|
|:AB|c2AB cBcd|edcB A2G2|A2 (3AAA c2d2|e4 e2eg|
a2e2 g2ag|edcB A2G2|A2 (3ABc BAG2|1 A4 A2:|2 A4 A4||

Six comments

Pretty Little Dog (reel)

A tune that’s frequently played at one of my sessions. It can sometimes have a hypnotic feel to it.

Pretty Little Dog

I suspect this tune may have the same Appalachian/Irish origins as Old Mother Flanagan (now posted). The two tunes go well together.

Pretty Little Dog

Pretty Little Dog is a tune written by Lee Triplett of West Virginia. He wrote and named the tune in the process of learning a different tune from another fiddler. It’s played in jams in the US especially around Morgantown WV, Garrett County,MD and the Elkins WV area. That’s the source… I never jammed with Lee but with lots of people he’s jammed with. I think he lives in Iowa now !

Maryland Highlander

Lee Triplett

Lee Triplett is my great-grandfather. He passed away many many years ago but his music still echos off the hills here in Clay County West Virginia.


Boy did I get that wrong… Lee Triplett was the source and Fiddlers companion says he “wrote” it when learning a tune from another fiddler…. Its Jimmy Triplett who Im thinking of… I believe hes a fiddler that lives in IA now… originally from WV. I apolagize for getting my name’s mixed up. I think Jimmy may be related to Lee, but I don’t know… IM not sure why I wrote what I wrote… I knew better.

Maybe I was right

CEOLAS— PRETTY LITTLE DOG. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, West Virginia. A Dorian. Standard. ABCD (Brody): AABB (Johnson, Phillips). The source for the tune is West Virginia fiddler Lee Triplet, who says he fashioned it in the process of learning another tune from fiddler Doc White of Ivydale, W.Va. See also notes for “Pretty Little Cat.” The tune is played at a slower tempo than the normal breakdown speed.