Had She Been Aye barndance

Also known as True Love Is Better Than Gold.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Had She Been Aye
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
F2 E>D D3 E|F2 G>F A2 C2|F2 ED D3 E|F2 G>F A3 G|
F2 ED D3 E|F2 GA c>B A2|f2 ed dc AG|F2 E2 {D}D3||
A|A2 A=B c2 _BA|f2 ed dc A2|A2 A=B c2 _BA|f2 ed d3 A|
A2 A=B c2 _BA|f2 ed dc A2|f2 ed cB AG|F2 E2 {D}D4||

Four comments

Had She Been Aye

Scottish folk song, more of a slow air than a barn dance, to be played at a moderate pace. It goes back to the 19th century as David Balfour included it in his book "Ancient Orkney Melodies" (publ.1883). Words as follows:-

1. Had she been aye sae cauldly kind,
Nor own’d she loo’d me mair than a’,
The waeful change I wadna mind,
Nor sigh for love that pass’d awa’.

2. But wae’s my heart! that alter’d e’e
That turns sae cauldly noo frae mine,
Aince beam’d wi answ’rin’ love on me,
And kindled at my glance langsyne.

3. Had not her love aince made me proud,
Her cauldness I could humbly bear;
I meyne na’ that she never loo’d
But that she loo’d and loo’s nae mair.

4. Oh that she were as aince langsyne,
Or I like her could careless be!
But though she brak this heart o’ mine,
It maun be hers until I dee.

Re: Had She Been Aye

This tune is on Orcadian Ivan Drever’s (limited edition) cd "Isles Ne’er Forgotten". The song was originally recorded by him and Ian Cooper performing as "The Knowe O’ Deil" last century. A rather lovely song (though sad!). Re alternative title, David Balfour wrote "The name of this air is taken from the only surviving line of the original words - "True love is better, far better than gold." "

Re: Had She Been Aye

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Ian Cooper ("Knowe o’Deil", his band with Ivan Drever). I think he died sometime in 2019.I first heard Ivan Drever sing "Had She Been Aye" on a 1980s or ’90s cassette by "Knowe o’ Deil". Ivan left Orkney to join Wolfstone for a few years, he later married a Norwegian girl and is based in Norway (though I saw him and his wife at The Reel in Kirkwall, Orkney a few times before I left Orkney in 2017).

Ian was a talented photographer - for weddings, greetings cards of Orkney scenes. He is credited with one tune, but he said that it was a joint effort, him and Ivan Drever….. It’s called "Strombery Fields Furtiver" and the tune is posted on The session here. I like it very much.

Re: Had She Been Aye

A beautiful old Scottish song - collected by Balfour of Balfour Castle, Shapinsay, Orkney. It has been recorded by Ivan Drever in his days with "Knowe o" Deil" (duo with Ian Cooper, who went on to become an excellent photographer (now sadly deceased).