The Northern Lass march

There are 4 recordings of this tune.

The Northern Lass has been added to 6 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Northern Lass
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
B>A GB|A>G ^FA|B>c dd|c>B A/B/c|
B>A GB|A>G ^FA|1 BA/G/ AG/^F/|G2 G2:|2 Bc d=e/^f/|g2 g>a||
|:ba/g/ f2e/d/|c>B Ag|f/g/f/d/ cB|A>G ^Fa|
ba/g/ f2e/d/|c>B A/B/c|BA/G/ AG/^F/|1 G2 Ga:|2 G2 G2||
|:B>A Bc|de cB|A>G AB|cd BA|
B>A Bc|de cB/A/|BA/G/ AG/^F/|1 G2 G>A:|2 G2 G2||
|:BA/G/ AG/^F/|GB A/B/c|BA/G/ AG/^F/|
GB A/B/c|BA/G/ AG/^F/|1 G2 GA:|2 G2 G2||

Three comments

Re: The Northern Lass

Some of the 5 recordings mentioned at the top of the page are a totally different “Northern Lass”.
I think Greg Stevens found it in an old tunebook and included it on “Beggar Boy of the North”
It is written in 6/4 and usually played like a waltz in E minor ( it may have originally been in D min)
The Richard Robinson Version is also this tune
T:Northern Lass, The
|:E2FG2A|B>AB d3|A2B d2B| A>FED3|
E2FG2A|B>cd e=fe|dB2 d/2B/2A/2F/2G|E3-E3:|
[|d2e=f2e|dB2d3|A2B d2B|A>FED3|
d2e =f2e|dB2d3|B2A Bc/2d/2e|d3-d3|
e3 =f2e|dB2d3|A2B d2B|A>FED3|
E2FG2A|B>cd e=fe|dB2 d/2B/2A/2F/2G|E3-E3|]

Re: The Northern Lass

Certainly not the one on track 3 of Touchwood by Iain Fraser which is taken from Volume 1 of The Caledonian Pocket Companion, published by James Oswald in the 1740s. In there it is a common time tune in D.