Three recordings of
The Maids Of Castlebar
The Boys Of Malin

The Maids Of Castlebar (reel) is also known as The Castlebar Delight, Girls Of Castlebar, The Lasses Of Castlebar, MacFarley’s, The Maid Of Castlebar, The Maid Of The Castle, Maids Of Castelbar, Mc Farley’s, McFarley’s.

The Boys Of Malin (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Mallin, The Boys Of Mallow, Karen Logan’s.

Craic'd! by Atlantic Wave

  1. Garret Barry’s
  2. Paddy O’Rafferty
  3. McFarley’s
  4. The Boys Of Malin

Lifescapes: Celtic Fiddle by Dirk Freymuth

  1. The Boys Of Malin
  2. The Maids Of Castlebar

Little Giants and Other Oxymorons by The Maguires

  1. The Moving Cloud
  2. The Maids Of Castlebar
  3. The Boys Of Malin