One recording of
The Maids Of Castlebar
Maudabawn Chapel

The Maids Of Castlebar (reel) is also known as Girls Of Castlebar, The Lasses Of Castlebar, MacFarley’s, The Maid Of Castlebar, The Maid Of The Castle, Maids Of Castelbar, Mc Farley’s, McFarley’s.

Maudabawn Chapel (reel) is also known as Hall’s Favourite, Maudabon Chapel, Maudaon’s Chapel, Maudebawn Chapel, Reavy’s, Reavy’s Long, Reavy’s No. 3, The Reefs, Ryan’s.

Clear The Dresser And Take The Floor by Emerald Ceili Band

  1. The Maids Of Castlebar
  2. Maudabawn Chapel
  3. Paddy’s Trip To Scotland