Absolute Crap waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Absolute Crap
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A>G|F2A2d2|f4 f>e|d2d>c d>B|A4A>G|F2A2f2|a2A3f|a>A g>A f>A|e4 A>G|F2A2d2|
f4 f>e|d2 d>c d>B|A4 A>G|F>A d>A f>A|a2A2>f2|g>A f>A e>A|1 d4:|2 d6||
|:d2>c2 (3Bcd|A2>d2 (3Bcd|B2>A2 (3GAB|A4 A>G|F2A2f2|a2A2>f2|a>A g>A f>A|e4 fg|
a2 a>g (3fga|f2 f>e (3def|(3Bcd G>B d>B|A4 A>G|F>A d>A f>A|a2 A2>f2|g>Af>Ae>A|d4:|

Three comments

Absolute Crap

A lovely tune with a poor title selection.
Jock Thomson was (he died a few years ago)a superb and versatile musician. He played the Highland Pipes from an early age and won many competitions. He also was a fine piano accordion player, Irish piper and an excellent Northumbrian piper. Jock unveiled this tune at a piping course in Rothbury and when asked the title said “ oh it’s just an Absolute Crap Waltz”. The title stuck and it is too late to rename it<G> but it is a lovely tune.
Jock also had the rare distinction of being the first and only piper to the mayor of Cambridge.
Mike Nelson

Re: Absolute Crap

Love it, and shall always tell how it was named when I play it!

Re: Absolute Crap

That’s a belter!

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