Last Train From Lanark waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Last Train From Lanark
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
"Dm"zG, A,C FE | "Bb"D3D EF | "C"DB, DF ED | "Am7"E/F/G CE FE | "Dm"ED DC A,C |
"Bb"D3D EF | "C"DB, DF ED | "G5"E/F/G CE FE | "Dm"DG, A,C FE |
"Bb"D3D EF | "C"DB, DF ED | "Am7"E/F/G CE FE | "Dm"AG GF FE |
"Bb"D3D EF | "C"DB, DF ED | "G5"E/F/G CE FE | "Dm"D3E FA ||
"Dm"de f2 fd | "Bb"ag f2 f/g/a | "C"g3g gf | "Am7"ac' a2 fe |
"Bb"de f2 fd | "F"ag f2 f/g/a | "G5"g2ge cA | "A5"d3^c Ac |
"Dm"de f2 fd | "Bb"ag f2 f/g/a | "C"g3g gf | "Am7"ac' a2 ac' |
"Bb"d'3 c' c'd' | "F"a/g/f f2 f/g/a | "G5"g2 ge cA | "A5"dG, A,C FE ||

One comment

Last Train From Lanark

This is a great tune from the wonderful Scottish fiddle player Adam Sutherland. It’s in 3/4 but certainly not a waltz. He taught it to the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club a few years ago when he came to Australia. I play it in Em on a C whistle and have to alter the octaves to fit as it has a huge range. It is great on a fiddle or mandolin and lends itself to some great Cello backing as played by the Melbourne Scottish Club on their 2018 Album "From Sea to Sky". Enjoy