Dermot Byrne’s hornpipe

Also known as Brid Harper’s, Denis Lanctot’s, Grant Lamb’s.

There are 12 recordings of this tune.

Dermot Byrne's has been added to 20 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dermot Byrne's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|:dgfg (3efg dg|bgd'g bggb|c'bag (3fed ef|gabe' d'2 Bc|
dgfg (3efg dg|bgd'g bggb|c'bag (3fed ef|g2 gf [1g2Bc:|2 gedB||
|:G2 (3BAG EGDE|GBdg edBd|ec (3ccc dBAG|FGAF DEFD|
G2 (3BAG EGDE|GBdg edBd|eGce dBAG|FGAF [1GEDE:|2 G2 Bc||

Four comments

Anybody know anything about this tune?

I got this from Cathy Custy’s great CD An Ceoltoir Fanach. She plays it on concertina. I play it on a 21 button B/C accordion with the high f# on the push re-tuned to a high d. It’s a fun tune. But Custy’s liner notes say nothing about it.

There’s a reel at by the same name, but it’s not the same tune. There’s a jig by the same name on Altan’s Finest. There’s nothing else by this name on any of the other Altan albums whose contents I’ve been able to locate. This tune isn’t on Dermot Byrne’s solo cd.

Does anybody know it by another name? Is it old? New?

I just learned a little something, though not as much as I’d hoped to. There’s a hornpipe called Dermot Byrne’s on an album of concertina music from Clare by Terry Bingham, on which Dermot Byrne and Cathy Custy’s sister Mary are included. It’s now fairly plausible that Cathy got it from Dermot, possibly via Mary or Terry. But did Dermot write it? If not, where did it come from?

Same as Brid Harper’s (a.k.a. Denis Lanctot’s, Grant Lamb’s)

I just discovered that this tune (recorded as a hornpipe by Cathy Custy and Terry Bingham) is given as a reel attributed by Denis Lanctot to Grant Lamb, taken from the concert tape of Brid Harper and Dermot Byrne. The concertina players do it in G. Looks like everyone else has it in C. I’ve been playing it in D since my accordion doesn’t have the high d’ and I didn’t know that it was a C tune.

Oops. The “Dermot Byrne’s Hornpipe” on Terry Bingham’s CD isn’t the same as the one on Cathy Custy’s CD. The one on Custy’s is the same as Brid Harper’s/Denis Lanctot’s/Grant Lamb’s.