Soft May Morn jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Soft May Morn
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G|GGG GAB|d>ed T B2 B|g>fe dcB|{c}BAB {A}G2 d|
dde {e}g>fe|ede {e}d2 B|AGA B>AB|GEE E2:|
|:d|eee {e}dBd|eee {d}d2 e|gee dBd|T B2 A G2 d|
dde ede|g>fe {e}d2 e|GGB BAB|GEE E2:|

Two comments

Soft May Morn

This is from A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs by Patrick Macdonald, (1784,) where it appears under the titles Madainn chiuin cheitein (there’s supposed to be an acute accent type mark over the first e in cheitein) and Soft May Morn. The tempo is indicated there as “rather slow.”

I’ve reproduced it exactly as found in the source, including the grace notes and trills, which I know sound terrible in the playback but I’ve left them, as well as the repeats, in for the sake of authenticity. The tune seems not to be very well known today, though research finds some printed and recorded versions of it, most notably by Bonnie Rideout on her album of the same name. I couldn’t find a version of it in a search of the title in the Tunes data base here.

I’ve composed a version for solo flute; anyone interested can find an audio file of it (generated with software as a demo) at:

and the audio file with score display at:

Re: Soft May Morn

I like the way the Irish refer to a “soft day” meaning it’s raining. It DOES rain a lot in Ireland as I know from experience. “A soft day, thank God”. Today in Glasgow it has poured….. similar to Ireland in that it’s equally rainy.