Grier’s hornpipe

Also known as The Grier, Grier’s #16.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Grier's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
f|c'f ef/g/ eccd|cGGF EC C2|EGce agfe|dcde cAAg|
c'g ef/g/ eccd|cGGF EC C2|EGce agfe|dcde A4||
GEGB AFAc|BG Bc/d/ BG G2|cGce dGeg|agfe ed d2|
GF/E/ GB AFAc|BG Bc/d/ BG G2|c2 c'b agfe|dcde c4||
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Two comments

Grier’s #16

This hornpipe was among the hundreds of tunes in the Stephen Grier Collection digitised by ITMA in collaboration with the current custodian of the Stephen Grier Collection, Hugh Maguire, and published online by ITMA in 2019 - see

It had been recorded by the McNamara Family in 1998 as Grier’s #16 and then by Verena Commins and Julie Langan in 2002 as The Grier.
The tune has a two octave range, which the Grier manuscript has as c’ to C but the McNamaras played it starting on a’ going down to A, and Commins & Langan played it starting on _e going down to _E,

So rather than transcribe either of the above recordings, this the ITMA transcript of the Grier manuscript, with acknowledgements and many thanks for all their great work.

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Re: Grier’s

BTW, The McNamara Family presumably called it #16 as it’s number 16 in Book 3 of the The Grier Manuscripts, one of many unnamed hornpipes in the manuscripts, so this could have been a useful identifier.

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