I Know My Love waltz

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I Know My Love

It’s surprising that I Know My Love doesn’t seem to be included in TheSession.org’s tunes data base as of this writing, at least under that title, since it’s been a popular part of the folk repertoire since the 1950s and has been recorded by prominent artists. My source is volume 1 of Irish Country Songs by Herbert Hughes (1909.) I haven’t been able to find the melody printed in any earlier source, though a few slightly earlier books and articles give the lyrics or refer to it by title. My source gives the tune, lyrics, and a piano accompaniment which for some reason is for left hand only. The tune is described as an “Old Song” and “West Irish,” and has the instructions “Allegretto” and “To be sung without pauses.” There’s also an editor’s note saying that “In Galway and Clare this song was sometimes sung in alternate verses of Irish and English, but I have been unable to obtain the Irish words. The version here given forms part of the song as it is known in Limerick. “

Re: I Know My Love

Not surprising at all, as the focus of this website is instrumental music, as played in predominantly Irish pub sessions. Having said that, I’ve always liked Jimmy Crowley’s version, and we have a very fine singer, Danny Couper, who in happier times used to sing this regularly at our Monday night sessions in Aberdeen.