Lament For O’Donnell waltz

Also known as Caoine Ui Dhonaill, Caoineadh Ui Dhomhnaill.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lament For O'Donnell
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G3{/AG}ED3D (3EGB A>A Bdd4 (3efg fedBAc BAGEDE G2|
g2 Ac/A/B3{/dB}A GB A>G G8:|:de f(3g/f/e/ de f(3g/f/e/ f(3g/f/e/ de|
f(3g/f/e/ f(3g/f/e de/f/ ge d>B {/d}c4 (3ABc BAGA B^c d6 (3def|
{/a}g3a/g/ (3efg {/a} ge d(3e/d/B/ G4 g(3a/g/f/ gb a>g f(3g/f/e/ f>a|
g>f ed (3efg fedBAc BAGEDE G2g2 Ac/A/ B3{/dB}A GB A>G{/,G,}G8:|

Two comments

Lament For O’Donnell

According to the notes from the book Irish Fiddle Solos: 64 pieces for violin, Padraig O‘Keffe learnt it from his grandmother. Hugh Roe O’Donnell was an Irish chieftain whose defeat at the battle of kinsale in 1601 marked the begining of the end of gaelic Ireland.
Slow air, no strict metre. This is a tune to be played freely.

Re: Lament For O’Donnell

This is “Caoine ui Dhomhnaill [Dhonaill on the Clifford & Murphy ”Star above the Garter“ record]”/“O’Donnell’s Lament” and it’s an air. I’ve taken the liberty of changing the Tune Type from “reel” to “waltz”, since that category seems to be the most frequent way to classify airs here.