I Always Knew You Were The One waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: I Always Knew You Were The One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|:d6|c4 A2|F2- FE FG|F4 A2|d6|c4 A2|G2- GF GA|G4 A2|
c4 d2|c2 B2 A2|E2- ED EF|E4 A2|c4 A2|E4A2|F6-|F4 A2|
d6|c4 A2|F2- FE FG|F4 A2|f4 a2|f2 e2 d2|B6-|B4 Bc|
d6|e4 a2|f2 d2 B2|A2 F2 A2|B4 d2|c4 f2|d6-|1 d4 A2:|2 d4 a2||
|:g2 e2 c2|A4 g2|f2- fe dB|A4 a2|g2 e2 c2|A4 g2|f6-|f4 af|
g2 e2 c2|A4 g2|f2- fe dB|A2 F2 A2|B4 d2|c4 f2|d6-|1 d4 a2:|2 d6||

Two comments

I Always Knew You Were The One

C: David Lindley

I heard the tune from a video of a session in Cork


the session.org community helped me to identify it as a composition of David Lindley

member "an phis fliuch" adds:

"From the soundtrack of The Long Riders, a 1980 film directed by Walter Hill. Tells the story of the James-Younger gang. Well worth a watch, the music by Ry Cooder, featuring David Lindley, is excellent, and the historical brothers are played by real-life brothers: the Carradines (the Youngers), Keaches (Frank & Jesse James), Quaids (the Millers) and Guests (Robert & Charlie Ford). From memory, this waltz is heard as Jesse James proposes marriage to his girl Zee. There is also a dance scene where people dance to a version of the Pigtown Fling (sometimes known as Wild Horses at Stony Point in old-timey circles)."

I have transcribed the version played by the musicians at the session and not the original version

Re: I Always Knew You Were The One

Thank you. Lovely to play on the flute. X