The Mountain Top hornpipe

Also known as Mountain Ranger, The Mountain Ranger, The Mountain Ranger’s, The Mountain Rangers, Rose Bud, The Rose Bud, Rosebud, The Rosebud.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mountain Top
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:FE|"Bb"DFBc d2cd|"Eb"edcB G2FE|"Bb"DFBc dBAB|gfdB "F7"c2FE|
"Bb"DFBc d2cd|"Eb"edcB G2FE|"Bb"DFBd "F7"cBAc|"Bb"B2d2 B2:|
|:Bc|dBAB GBFB|DFBc dBAB|gBfB "Eb"edcB|"Cm"GccB "F7"ABcA|
"Bb"dBAB GBFB|DFBc dBAB|gBfB "Eb"edcB|"F7"AFGA "Bb"B2:|
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A nice tune. but

A nice tune, but not the same as another reel with the same name. Does anyone know this one under another name?
I could not give the exact key, as I had to choose from a list which did

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This tune is called (so I

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The Mountain Top

What do you mean? The sheetmusic shows exactly what the ABC’s would show.

What are you seeing?

Everything is ok

Thank you Jeremy Everything is ok now. At first another “Mountain Top” was shown as sheetmusic. By the way, I’m very inspired by One of the best sites for irish music

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This is a GREAT tune.

Hmmm. Sort of hornpipish in construction…

This tune is known as The Rosebud Reel in the midwest USA. It can be found under that name and also as The Mountain Ranger Hornpipe in the 19th century Cole’s tune collection. Years ago I heard NW Missouri fiddler Cyril Stinnet playing the tune. Is it currently played by any ITM musicians?

The Mountain Top

If it isn’t being played by the ITM fraternity then it darn well ought to be! I’m going to take this one on board.

The Mountain Top

I find this goes well with The Dance of the Honeybees.

Rosebud reel

i follow this reel with ‘lady’s pandelette’s’ or another tune in d minor. greeting’s from texas..starting our cool fall weather here in the central part..

On Alan and John Kelly’s “Fourmilehouse” this tune seems to be played in D on the accordian. Makes the tune more accessible for the flute as well in this key. Great tune!

Known as The Quilty

Around North Clare it’s called The Quilty H.P. and it’s played in D. But nobody around here plays in Bb- at least not in sessions with instruments other than fiddles.

The Mountain Ranger

This tune is in the key of Bb, not G minor. It’s good in D major as well, a whistle-friendly key.

A hornopipe — not the real by this name

This is a fine tune, to be sure, but it is not the reel that goes by the name ‘The Mountain Top’, which is the tune noted in the comment by gam . See the discography at . An older title for the tune (the reel, not the hornpipe) is ’‘The Crooked Way to Dublin’. Seems that it is time this tune should be posted officially here under its own entry.

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Re: The Mountain Top

Is this similar to the Bloom Of Youth…or am I bit twirly?

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Re: The Mountain Top

I came across this tune some years ago in the Krassen edition of O’Neill and, just to see what it would sound like, substituted two sharps (F# & C#) for the two flats. Well, there’s no law against it … It turns out that, played fairly slowly, it makes a quite atmospheric tune in Bm.

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Re: The Mountain Top

There are two completely different tunes shown here.

Version 1 is a very nice hornpipe also listed as The Quilty Hornpipe elsewhere on this site as Pierre has pointed out. The version in D major listed under that name seems to me to be the commonly played version. The Mountain Ranger is one of the alternative titles for this tune.

Version 2 is the reel called The Mountain Top, well-known from The Chieftains recording. However the transcription here has the wrong key signature, the usual version being in the key of G major. The notes as written here are in fact correct but you need to change the key signature to G major. You can hear the commonly played version on The Whistler.

Re: The Mountain Top

Interestingly The Mountain Ranger appears in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection (published in Boston, USA, in 1883), as a reel in the key of B flat major under the title Rose Bud - Reel, but subtitled “or Mountain Ranger Hornpipe”. It had apparently previously been published as a reel in the key of C major by George Saunders in his ‘New and Scientific Self-Instructing School for the Violin’, published in Rhode Island USA in 1847.