Seven recordings of The Mountain Top

Also known as Mountain Ranger, The Mountain Ranger’s, The Mountain Ranger, The Mountain Rangers, Rose Bud, The Rose Bud, Rosebud, The Rosebud.

This tune has been recorded together with The Chicago, Coen’s Memories, The Green Groves Of Erin, The Irish American, The Maids Of Ardnaree, The Sailor On The Rock, Whitefish In The Rapids.

  1. A Few Tunes by John Skelton
  2. Boomerang by Troy MacGillivray
  3. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 6 by Matt Cunningham
  4. Grand Right & Left by The Rhythm Rollers
  5. Sporting Nell by Tommy McCarthy
  6. The Family Album by The McCarthys
  7. The Humours Of Derrybeha by Pat O’Connor