The Blackberry jig

By Josephine Keegan

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Blackberry
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
EFE BGE|GBe Beg|bag agf|1 geB AGF:|2 Be^d e2f||
gBB dBA|GBd eag|aec Aab|aec def|
gBB dBA|GBd eag|1 fdd cdf|agf g2f:|2 fdd cAF|DGF G3||
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The Blackberry

Never heard that lovely jig before until now. I heard it in a FB group,
where one of the members played it and it’s composed by Josephine Keegan

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Re: The Blackberry

Looking at the notes, this tune doesn’t look specially good - but of course played by a great musician it could be just fine. Funny with old music notation, one finds that remembered tunes never come out exactly as you want them to specially if the rhythm is a bit complex!

Re: The Blackberry

“Looking at the notes, this tune doesn’t look specially good”

Playing the notes as opposed to looking at them makes a difference. 🙂

It seems a very simple tune to me and well enough constructed. I’ve played it through a few times and it flows well. Quite catchy, actually.

Re: The Blackberry

For those whose interest was piqued by ceili’s initial post, the Facebook group is called “Banjoheads,” and Padraig de Bas taught the tune this month as part of the group’s Tune of the Month series. Thank you for the transcription!