One hundred and ninety-two recordings of The Star Of Munster

Also known as The Bright Star Of Munster, Munster, Munster’s Stars, Realt Na Mumhain, Star O Munster, The Stars Of Munster.

This tune has been recorded together with The Congress (lots of times), The Sally Gardens (lots of times), Dowd’s Favourite (a few times), Down The Broom (a few times), Farewell To Milltown (a few times), Julia Delaney’s (a few times), The Mullingar Lea (a few times), Sheehan’s (a few times), The Ships Are Sailing (a few times), Bonnie Kate (a few times), Jimmy Ward’s (a few times), John Stenson’s (a few times), The Mason’s Apron (a few times), The Morning Star (a few times), The Boys Of The Lough (a few times), The Coalminer’s (a few times), Cooley’s (a few times), The Humours Of Lisheen (a few times), The Maid Behind The Bar (a few times), The Marquis Of Huntley (a few times), Miss McLeod’s (a few times), The Moving Bogs (a few times), The New Copperplate (a few times), Over The Moor To Maggie (a few times), The Reel Of Rio (a few times), The Silver Spear (a few times), The Sligo Maid (a few times), The Teetotallers (a few times), Tell Her I Am (a few times), The Wind That Shakes The Barley (a few times), Alex MacEachern, Anderson’s, Anthony Frawley’s, Banish Misfortune, The Bank Of Ireland, Billy Brocker’s, The Blackhaired Lass, The Blacksmith’s, The Blacksmith, Bobby Casey’s, The Boyne Hunt, The Boys Of Malin, Brenda Stubbert’s, Brian O’Lynn, Bridget Flynn’s, The Bucks Of Oranmore, The Bunch Of Green Rushes, Bunker Hill, The Burren, Ca The Stirks Frae Oot The Corn, Carolan’s Farewell To Music, Castle Kelly, The Castle, Coen’s Memories, The Colliers’, Colonel Fraser’s, The Concert, The Connaughtman’s Rambles, The Connemara, Cooley’s, Coppers And Brass, Crossing To Ireland, Da New Rigged Ship, Deck The Halls, The Destitution, Devils Of Dublin, The Dogs Among The Bushes, Donald Blue, Down The Hill, Drowsy Maggie, The Earl’s Chair, The Eel In The Sink, Eileen Curran, The Factory Girl, Farewell To Ireland, Father Kelly’s, Father O’Flynn, The Floating Crowbar, The Flogging, For The Sake Of Old Decency, The Foxhunter, From The New World, The Galway, George I. Taylor, The Girl Who Broke My Heart, The Glass Of Beer, The Glen Of Aherlow, The Glen Road To Carrick, Glenlivet, The Gravel Walks, The Green Fields Of America, The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven, Herman’s Hostel, Hughie Travers’, The Humours Of Ballyconnell, The Humours Of Westport, I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie, Jackson’s Rolling, Jennie’s Frolics, Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie, Jimmy’s Return, John Doherty’s, John Stenson’s, The Jolly Beggarman, The Kerfunten, The Kid On The Mountain, Kilty Town, King Of The Clans, King Of The Fairies, Kitty Goes A-Milking, The Knotted Cord, The Lady On The Island, Laington’s, Larry O’Gaff’s, The Lilting Fisherman, Loch Gamhna, The London Lasses, Lucy Campbell, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, Mamma’s Pet, Master Crowley’s, Maudabawn Chapel, The Merry Blacksmith, The Milliner’s Daughter, The Monaghan Twig, The Morning Dew, Moxham Castle, Mulhaire’s, Mulvihill’s, Munster Heart, The Musical Priest, The Nine Points Of Roguery, The Old Bush, The Old Hag Of Galway, The Otter’s Holt, Out On The Ocean, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Kelly’s, Paddy On The Landfill, Paddy On The Turnpike, Pat Mahon’s, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pinch Of Snuff, The Pinch Of Snuff, Pointe Au Pic, Princess Beatrice, Rakish Paddy, The Reconciliation, The Red Bee, The Reel With The Birl, The Return To Miltown, Riding On A Load Of Hay, Rolling In The Barrel, The Rookery, Rory Macnab, The Sailor On The Rock, The Salamanca, The Scholar, The Shaskeen, Shoe The Donkey, Sligo Creek, Speed The Plough, Splendid Isolation, Sporting Paddy, The Star Of The County Down, The Straw Man, The Swallow’s Tail, The Swallowtail, The Tarbolton, Tom Ward’s Downfall, Tongadale, Toss The Feathers, Trim The Velvet, The Trip To Ballyshannon, Tripping Down The Stairs, The Turnpike, Wissahickon Drive, Yanik’s.

  1. "And With That…." by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  2. ‘til the wee hours by Round the House
  3. ‘twill Do by Shane Meehan
  4. 25 Years Of Celtic Music (Disc 1) by Various Artists
  5. 40 Acre Notch by The Hibs
  6. A Dark Horse by Martin Murray
  7. A Flying Start by Paul Moran And Fergal Scahill
  8. A Rake of Tunes by Randal Bays
  9. A River Of Sound by Various Artists
  10. Acushla by Boots For Maggie
  11. Airs and Gracenotes by Dulahan
  12. Alba by Alba
  13. Aleanna by Aleanna
  14. Alesia by Rapalje
  15. ALive by Kúla
  16. An Fhidil by Various Artists
  17. An Fhidil, Sraith 2 by Sean Keane, Kevin Burke, Paddy Glackin And Seamus Creagh
  18. Around St. James’ Well by Carmel Gunning
  19. Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher by The Sean Ryan Trio
  20. Battle Songs Of The Toucan Pirates by Toucan Pirates
  21. Bealoideas by Oisin
  22. Beo: Live At Madden’s by Various Artists
  23. Best Of Celtic Traditional Music And Songs by Planxty O’Rourke
  24. Beyond Words by Niall Vallely
  25. Bofiguifluki by Poitín
  26. By Heck by Frankie Gavin’s Roaring Twenties Irish Orchestra
  27. Callanish by Callanish
  28. Came The Dawn by Seamus Creagh
  29. Cape Breton Live - Take 2 by Various Artists
  30. Casey In The Cowhouse by Bobby Casey
  31. Cask Strength by The Whiskey Brothers
  32. Celtic Cafe by Karen Ashbrook And Paul Oorts
  33. Celtic Contraband by Michel Bonamy
  34. Celtic Dance by Claire Hamilton, Peter Miln, Daniel James & Waxies Dargle
  35. Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore by Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke, Christian lemaitre, Soig Siberil
  36. Celtic Music From Maui by AnRil
  37. Celtic Roots (Spirit Of Dance) by John Whelan
  38. Celtic Sessions by William Coulter
  39. Champions Of Ireland: Tin Whistle by Ciarán Marsden And Gráinne Kelly
  40. Classics Of Irish Piping by Leo Rowsome
  41. Cliabhán An Dúchais by Brid O’Donohue
  42. Cnuas by Eamon De Buitlear Agus Ceoltoiri Laighean
  43. Cold Frosty Morn at West River by Maggie Sansone, Andrea Hoag & Sharon Knowles
  44. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  45. D Is For Dulcimer by Glenn Morgan
  46. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 7 by Matt Cunningham
  47. Dance Music Of Ireland: Jigs And Reels by Various Artists
  48. Days Of Doolin by Dulsert
  49. Days Of Doolin by Celtic Fusion
  50. Down by the Glenside by Eamon Flynn
  51. Draw The Bow by Malachy Bourke
  52. Early Recordings Of Irish Traditional Dance Music by John Kimmel
  53. Earworms by Dave Onastik
  54. Electrique by Bette & Wallet
  55. Emerald City by Emerald City
  56. Epiphany by Silver Spire
  57. Every Wednesday Night by Indianapolis Ceili Band
  58. Far From Home by Blackthorn Band
  59. Feel The Bow by Aidan Burke
  60. Fiddle Masters Of County Antrim by Davy Rice and Denis Sweeney
  61. Fiddler’s Fancy: 50 Irish Fiddle Tunes by Tommy Peoples
  62. Fidil by Ciarán Ó Maonaigh And Aidan O’Donnell
  63. Fifty Fiddle Solos by Sean Keane
  64. Fifty-Odd Years by Jimmy Power
  65. Flight by Mari Black
  66. Footprints by No I.D.
  67. French Canadian, Irish And Scottish Fiddle Music by Jean Carignan
  68. Friends of Note by Peter O’Loughlin, Paddy Canny, Paddy Murphy & Geraldine Cotter
  69. From East London to West Clare by Joe Searson & Anne Hayes
  70. Full Gael by Full Gael
  71. Go Home And Have Your Dinner by Jimmy Power
  72. Gogarty’s Music II: A Decade On by Various Artists
  73. Goin’ Across the Sea by Al Goll, Tim May, & Charlie Chadwick
  74. Good To the Last Beat by Coffee Zombies
  75. Goose Music by Saltfishforty
  76. Harpes D’Irlande by Katrien Delavier
  77. Hit The Bricks… by Waking Maggie
  78. Hoffman & Trippe by Hope Hoffman and Jeff Trippe
  79. If The Cap Fits by Kevin Burke
  80. Ireland’s Best Session Tunes CD 1 by Waltons Recording
  81. Irish Dance by Craig Duncan
  82. Irish Dance Music by Various Artists
  83. Irish Dance Time by Jackie Roche And His Irish Dance Band
  84. Irish Fiddle Solos by Pete Cooper
  85. Irish Fiddle Tunes: 62 Traditional Pieces for Violin - book & CD - 2 of 2 by Matt Cranitch
  86. Irish Fiddles And Pipes by Liam Rowsome
  87. Irish Trad Concertina From Beara by Sean O’Dwyer
  88. Irish Violin by Jackie Roche
  89. Irish Violin and Accordion Mid Century Irish Music in New York by Jackie Roche and Timmy Cronin
  90. It Was Mighty : CD #2 by Various Artists
  91. It Was Mighty : CD#3 by Various Artists
  92. Itchy Fingers by Itchy Fingers
  93. Journeyman by Gerry O’Connor
  94. Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell
  95. Keepers Of Tradition: Concertina Players Of County Clare by Various Artists
  96. Keepin’ It Lit by Cameron Mather
  97. La Magia di un Incontro by DualisMagic
  98. La Veillée Des Veillées by Various Artists
  99. Leahy by Leahy
  100. Legacy by Tommy O Sullivan
  101. Like the Sun a-Glittering by The Jones Boys
  102. Live at the Espresso Garden by Molly’s Revenge
  103. Live From The Art Farm by The Fretless
  104. Live in concert by Tony MacManus & Julia Toaspern
  105. Live in New York 1977 by De Dannan
  106. Longford’s Own Seamus Thompson by Seamus Thompson
  107. Looking For A Rock by Juniper
  108. Manhattan Island Sessions by Caitlin Warbelow And Friends
  109. Martin Hayes by Martin Hayes
  110. Masters Of Irish Music: Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn by Frankie Gavin And Alec Finn
  111. McGlynn’s Fancy by Arty McGlynn
  112. Melodic Journeys by James Kelly
  113. Memories Of Clare by Bobby Gardiner
  114. Memories Of Hughie Gillespie by Frank Kelly
  115. Milestone At The Garden by Irish Fiddle Masters From The 78 RPM Era
  116. Music for Sets - Vol. 2 by Temple House Ceili Band
  117. Music In The Glen by Kennedy’s Kitchen
  118. Myrddin by Celtic Sands
  119. Ni Fios ce Chum e by DCU Traditional Music Society
  120. No Compromise by Andrew Mac Namara
  121. Northern Melodies: From New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland & Shetland by George Wilson
  122. Olde Day Again by Blarney Pilgrims
  123. One For The Road by Trasnú
  124. Our Musical Heritage Disc 2 by Various Artists
  125. Pangea by Emma Sweeney
  126. Panta Rhei by Diana Rowan
  127. Patrick Kelly From Cree: Fiddle Music by Patrick Kelly
  128. Pigeon on the Gate by Michael Gorman, Margaret Barry
  129. Playing in Traffic by Olivia Korkola
  130. Rattling Banjos: 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo - part 1 of 2 by Gerry O’Connor
  131. Regrouped by Boys Of The Lough
  132. Riddle by Cynthia MacLeod
  133. Road Map Of Ireland by Tom McGonigle And Robert MacGowran
  134. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2010 by Various Artists
  135. Sarabande by Sarabande
  136. Seán Ryan CD 1 by Sean Ryan
  137. Set Dances Of Ireland: Music For Listening And Dancing by Various Artists
  138. Short Stories by Grainne Murphy
  139. Southerly Breeze by Various Artists
  140. St. James’s Gate by St. James’s Gate
  141. Star Of Ireland by Finbarr Dwyer
  142. Suantraí by Adam Agee & Jon Sousa
  143. Sunday at Conor’s by The Boulder Irish Session
  144. Take A Chance by Stockton’s Wing
  145. Test Of Time by Lalla Rookh
  146. The 4th Irish Folk Festival - CD #1 by Various Artists
  147. The Best Of Irish Jigs And Reels Vol.1 by Various Artists
  148. The Blue Tar Road by Brendan Nugent and Friends
  149. The Chieftains Live by The Chieftains
  150. The Corner House by The Irish Tradition (Brendan Mulvihill, Billy McComiskey & Andy O’Brien)
  151. The Devils Of Dublin by Celtic Music Society (East Rochester HS)
  152. The Far Set by Michael Clarkson And Gerry Jones
  153. The Friel Sisters by The Friel Sisters
  154. The Gathering by Various Artists
  155. The Home I Left Behind by CCE Tour 1974
  156. The Housekeepers by Doireann Glackin & Sarah Flynn
  157. The Hurricane by Donagh Hennessy And Mark Crickard
  158. The Irish Experience by The Irish Experience
  159. The Irish side of Piemonte by Folkamiseria
  160. The Lady’s Cup of Tea by Mary Mac Namara & Sorcha Costello with Geraldine Cotter
  161. The Liffey Banks by Tommy Potts
  162. The Madrid Sessions by Philippe Barnes And Tom Phelan
  163. The Mountain Road by Comhaltas Tour Group 1997
  164. The Old Fireside Music by Mike And Mary Rafferty
  165. The Porthole Of The Kelp by Sean Casey
  166. The Raineys by The Raineys
  167. The Return Home by Mithril
  168. The Sligo Champion (CD 2) by Michael Gorman
  169. The Sligo Maid by Carmel Gunning
  170. The Sound of Ireland: The Ultimate Collection - 1st CD of 4 by Various Artists
  171. The Spirit Of West Clare by Bobby Casey
  172. The Star Of Munster by Eamon De Buitlear Agus Ceoltoiri Laighean
  173. The Stool Of Repentance by Donnybrook
  174. Three Bean Salad by Three Bean Salad
  175. Traditional Fiddle Music From East Clare by Paddy Canny
  176. Traditional Irish Fiddling From County Limerick by Martin Mulvihill With Mick Moloney
  177. Traditional Irish Music by William Sullivan
  178. Traditional Irish Music by Roaring Mary
  179. Traditional Irish Music From Boston by The Magic Square
  180. Traditional Irish Music Played On The Fiddle by Tommy Peoples
  181. Traditional Music In Support Of Doolin Coast And Cliff Rescue Service by Various Artists
  182. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Kathleen Collins
  183. Trí by Tullamore Celtic Band
  184. Triple Harp Bypass by Iron Lung (Brendan Power, Rick Epping, Mick Kinsella)
  185. Two Gentlemen Of Clare by Gerard Commane And Joe Ryan
  186. Uilleann Pipes by Pat Mitchell
  187. Unheard by Eddie Clarke
  188. Vincent Griffin And Friends by Vincent Griffin
  189. Weeds In The Garden by Muintir Lewis
  190. WhY2Keilidh by Howie MacDonald
  191. Wild Blue by Eileen Ivers
  192. Young Irish Musicians Weekend Vol. 1 by James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien, Tommy Martin, Daithi Sproule, Fintan Vallely