Mrs Jean Cameron march

By Donald Riddell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mrs Jean Cameron
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A|d>e g/f/e/c/ .d.A.F.D|G>>EF>>D .E.A,.C.E|d>e g/f/e/c/ .d.A.F.D|G>>EA,C D2DA|
d>e g/f/e/c/ .d.A.F.D|G/F/E/G/ F/E/D/F/ .E.A,.CE|d>e g/f/e/c/ .d.A.F.D|G>>EA,C D3||
f/g/|a>f d/e/f/d/ .g.e .cd/e/|f>d B/c/d/B/ ec AB/c/|d>B .G.B Ad FA|G>>E F>>D .E.A .c.e|
a>f d/e/f/d/ .g.e .cd/e/|f>d B/c/d/B/ ec AB/c/|d>B .GB Ad FA|G>E A,C D3||

One comment

Mrs Jean Cameron

This is a Donald Riddell march dedicated to Mrs Jean Cameron who was and still is a member of The Inverness Fiddlers Society.

It often gets played immediately after Morag Haig-Thomas which is another lovely tune.

There are a lot of staccatos and a few extra long half notes in this tune and it was a bit of a learning experience to transcribe this. However, I’m pretty sure I have it right.