Napoleon’s Charge barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Napoleon's Charge
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3ABc|d2df edef|~d2df ecA2|~d2df efde|fA (3BAF A2 (3ABc|
d2df edef|~d2df ecA2|.d2 d2 (3cBA FB|A>D D4:|
dB A>{E}F {E}F2 {E}F2|DFED F3B|A2>F EDEG|FD D4|
dB A>{E}F {E}F2 {E}F2|DFED F3B|A2>F EDEG|FD D4:|
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John Skelton’s

Does anybody know the name of this tune, played by John Skelton at Shepherdstown, West Virginia, probably in 2012, on Eb flute? I have put it as a barndance (segueing in to the next tune which is a reel) but don’t really know what it is.

When submitting, it does say “if it has no name, write Gan Ainm”, but a temporary name given here “John Skelton’s”, is suggested as being maybe more likely to generate a correct ID than just Gan Ainm.
See/hear a video of the John Skelton gig at

The segue in to the next tune, Vincent Broderick’s “Milky Way” is inspired.

None of the options suggested by abctunesearch matched well. Although, slightly off-topic, I just checked the discussion “” at
and found nobody has added to the comments there in eleven years. This has prompted me to admit that I do find The Reverend’s site useful. Even if I only get a correct result from about 10 or 20% of searches on what might be obscure tunes, that’s better than I can do with tunepal. Yup, thank you, I should donate … starving musician to support, it says here …

Tunepal thought it was The Spa (with 59% confidence), but that wasn’t close.

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Re: John Skelton’s

He recorded it with Kieran O’Hare as Napoleon’s charge on album Two tone, together with Milky way, track no. 6.
Take look at
Great album !

Re: Napoleon’s Charge

Great, many thanks. I haven’t heard that CD, will look out for it. In the meantime I take your word for it and have re-named it. Cheers!

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Re: Napoleon’s Charge

Another take on youtube from Fódhla, performing at the 2017 KVMR Celtic Festival, Grass Valley, CA: Napoleon’s Charge/Jimmy Duffy’s Favourite, see

posted over two years ago and only 98 views so far, but they’re pretty good and have a CD (which includes this set) available via bandcamp, see
Apparently (yes, lifted from wikipedia again, sorry) Fódhla, or Fóla, "the daughter of Delbáeth and Ernmas of the Tuatha Dé Danann, was one of the tutelary giantesses of Ireland".

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