Twenty-five recordings of Tomeen O’Dea’s

Also known as Tomeen O’Dea’s, Tomín O’ Dea’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Ballykett Courthouse (a few times), Davey’s (a few times), The Mountain Top (a few times), An Suisin Ban, An TSeanbhean Bhocht, The Banks Of The Ilen, Bantry Bay, The Callan Lasses, Drag Her Round The Road, Farewell To Connaught, The Grand Spey, The Hunter’s Purse, Imelda Roland’s, John Carty’s, Kilcooley Wood, The Lady’s Cup Of Tea, Last Night’s Fun, The Limestone Rock, The Lobster, The Maid Of Holywell, Midsummer’s Night, Never Was Piping So Gay, The Old Favourite, The Old Hag Of Galway, Over The Moor To Peggy, Paddy Fahey’s, Peata Geal Mo Mhathair, The Pigtown Fling, The Reel With The Birl, The Rights Of Man, Shamrock Hill, The Silver Spear, Sliabh Geal GCua, Sporting Nell, The Tailor’s Thimble, Touch Me If You Dare, The West Cork.

  1. A Way for Ireland by Castle Ceili Band & Sixteen Ninety One aka 1691
  2. At The End Of The Day by Dervish
  3. Dance Of The Celts: A Narada Collection by Various Artists
  4. Dísirt Tola : Traditional Music From Clare And Dublin by Various Artists
  5. Ego Trip by MacDara Ó Raghallaigh
  6. Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland by Various Artists
  7. Grace Notes by Buttons And Bows
  8. Happy To Meet by P.J. Crotty, Carol Cullinan, James Cullinan
  9. Irish Music by The Castle Ceili Band and "1691"
  10. Irish Pub Music by Castle Ceili Band
  11. Kieran O’Hare by Kieran O’Hare
  12. Lucky In Love by Charlie Lennon And Mick O’Connor
  13. Mick Mulcahy & Cairde by Mick Mulcahy & Cairde
  14. Musical Memories by Tom Dunne And Joe ‘Banjo’ Burke
  15. Our Musical Heritage Disc 3 by Various Artists
  16. Part II Fire In Our Hearts by Na Connerys
  17. Pont Gwenn Ha Pont Stang by Jean-Michel Veillon And Yvon Riou
  18. Riches Of Clare Volume 2 by Various Artists
  19. Scraping ‘n’ Scratching by Bernie Stocks
  20. Set Dances Of Ireland, Volume I by Various Artists
  21. The Friendly Visit by Noel Sweeney
  22. The Knotted Chord by Eamonn Cotter
  23. The Middle Road by Linda Hickman
  24. Turas Ceoil by Marcas Ó Murchú
  25. Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 2, Disc 2 by Various Artists