Two recordings of a tune named
Tomeen O’Dea’s
With a tune named
The Mountain Top

Tomeen O’Dea’s (reel) is also known as Katy Breems’, Mrs. Halpin’s Favorite, Mrs. Halpin’s Favourite, Thomaisin O’Dea’s, Tom O’Dea, Tom O’Dea’s, Tomaisin O Dea, Tomeen O’Dea, Tomin O’Dea’s.

The Mountain Top (reel) is also known as Barr An TSléibhe, The Crooked Way To Dublin, Dillon Brown, Doone Hill, The Dunne Hills.

Dísirt Tola : Traditional Music From Clare And Dublin by Various Artists

  1. Caoineadh Ui Dhomnhaill
  2. Sean Bhean Bhoct
  3. Tomín O’Dea’s
  4. Mountain Top

Mick Mulcahy & Cairde by Mick Mulcahy & Cairde

  1. The Mountain Top
  2. Tomin O’Dea’s
  3. Farewell To Cranny