Four recordings of
Tomeen O’Dea’s
Ballykett Courthouse

Tomeen O’Dea’s (reel) is also known as Tomeen O’Dea’s, Tomín O’ Dea’s.

Ballykett Courthouse (reel) is also known as Ballyket Courthouse, The Ballyket Courthouse, The Ballykett Courthouse, Barry’s Fancy, Clogger Quilt, The Clogger Quilt, The Clogger’s Quilt, Corry Hilly, The Dancemaster’s, The Half Door, Kathleen’s Fiddle, Micho Russell’s Favourite, Paddy Finlay’s, St Andrews, St. Andrew’s, St. Andrews, The Swallow, Tom Donlon’s.

Aughavinna by JB Samzun and Charles Monod

  1. Tomeen O’Dea’s
  2. The Ballykett Courthouse
  3. Ormond Sound

Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland by Various Artists

  1. Tomeen O’Dea’s
  2. Is Trua Gan Peata An Mhaoir Agam
  3. Ballykett Courthouse

Grace Notes by Buttons And Bows

  1. Tomeen O’Dea
  2. Ballyket Courthouse
  3. Maid Of Hollywell

The Knotted Chord by Eamonn Cotter

  1. Tomeen O’Dea’s
  2. Ballykett Courthouse