The Rapid Viennese waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Rapid Viennese
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F|B^A Bc de|f2 d2 B2|g2e2c2|f2d2B2|B^A Bc de|f2d2B2|
^Ac F2 F2|F4 F2|B^A Bc de|f2d2B2|g2e2c2|f2d2B2|Ac gf ed|
ce ^A2 A2|Bg fe dc|B4A2|d2 de fg|a2f2d2|ce A2 A2|A4F2|
GB E2 E2|CE AG FE|FA D2 D2|D4 A2|d2 de fg|a2f2d2|ce A2A2|
GB E2E2|CE ^A=A cA|e2c2A2|df e2c2|d4||f2|g2 ge cg|
fa d2 d2|ce Ac ge|fa d2d2|g2ge cg|fa d2d2|ce ag ec|d2:|
dc|B^A Bc dB|Af fA fA|Ge eG eG|Fd dF dA|
B^A Bc dB|Ag gA fd|Aa ge cA|d4"DC al Fine":||

Two comments

The Rapid Viennese

This tune was composed in October 1985 by Northumbrian piper and all round musician Alistair Marshall of Aberdeen. Alistair’s notes, written on the original manuscript, are as follows:-
The title of this tune is not necessarily indicative of the tempo or style of playing, referring as it does to a certain Austrian football team which "waltzed" its way to victory in a European tie by unorthodox, not to say, unscrupulous methods during the 1984/85 season.
With undeniably "Celtic" connections the tune could be subtitled " The Austrian Bottle Catchers Waltz".

Re: The Rapid Viennese

Just curious, but where did you come across this tune ? I’ve known Alistair since we were students together at Aberdeen University in the 1970s. I may have heard him playing it at one time, but don’t recall it at all.

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