Lios Uí Bhigín slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lios Uí Bhigín
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
efg||f2d d2c d3 efg|f2d d2c A3 efg|
f2d edc d3 ddc|B2d c2A G3 efg|
f2d d2c d3 efg|f2d edc A3 efg|
f2d d2c d3 ddc|Bcd c2A G3 G3||
A2A A2G A2A d2c|A2A BAG E2G D2G|
A2A BAG A2B c2A|B2d c2A G3 G3|
A2A BAG A2B d2c|A2A BAG E2G D2G|
A2A BAG A2B cAA|B2d c2A G3 efg||

Three comments

Lios Uí Bhigín

I decided that this smashin contribution to the slide repertoire deserved to be aired more often. So here it is. Hope you enjoy.
Composed by Kerry fiddler / concertinist Niamh Ní Charra circa 2007.
Lios Uí bhigín is "named after the area where [the author] went to school" according to the liner notes of the album Ón dá Taobh - From both Sides, which showcases some of her other compositions.

Re: Lios Uí Bhigín

NB : The tonality of this tune is ambiguous, it seems to balance between A mixolydian and D ionian in the original recording without necessarily settling for one or the other.
I have transposed it here in the key of D mixolydian / G ionian to make it readily available to flute and pipe players.

Re: Lios Uí Bhigín

For those of you not familiar with the sound of the Irish language, the Irish government’s website offers transliterations of Irish place names in English.
An alternative name for this tune could hence be ‘The Lissyviggeen slide’. We are still talking of the same place -or are we?- just east of Killarney, Co. Kerry …